Scenic Views of Hamilton

Seven wooden signs with audio boxes were placed around the city of Hamilton as part of the Future Cities exhibition at the Art Gallery of Hamilton. This site-specific installation plays off of cultural expectations about what constitutes a “scenic view” and invites viewers to reconsider the aesthetic value of various urban landscapes in Hamilton. The goal is to not to present an alternative view (i.e. a romanticized photograph), but to create an opportunity – in the actual location – for shifts in perspective and attitude to occur. Each audio box contains a short docent lecture about how the ‘scene’ one beholds relates to various artistic practices.

Note that only four of the seven locations are documented due to vandalism (and theft) of some of the signs during the exhibition.

Scenic Views of Hamilton – Gallery


Audio for Jackson Square location (Image #1)

Audio for power lines location (Image #2)

Audio for top of Dundurn stairs (Image #3)

Audio for train tracks (Image #4)

Audio for Tim Horton’s location (not pictured)

Audio for highways location (not pictured)

Audio for factories location (not pictured)

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