Film / Video

Video Sketches (2016)

Three video loops – one projected at entrance of ‘a CONSTANT decade’ exhibition at McMaster Museum of Art, Hamilton, Ontario, May 4 – August 19, 2017, and two on DVD players within the exhibition.  >>More 

Dark Horse Candidate (2015)

The complexity of father-daughter relationships is explored in this quirky documentary about a queer filmmaker and her constitutionalist father.  >>More 




Orby Videos  (2011 & 2014)

Orby is an 18″ polycarbonate orb with a GoPro camera and a SPOT GPS tracker that has been launched on missions in Sackville, New Brunswick (2014)  and Grand Falls/Windsor, Newfoundland (2011).   >>More 


Appreciation: A Video Exchange on James St. (2011)

I was commissioned to create five short works in response to the economic and social changes taking place in the James St. North area in Hamilton, Ontario.  >>More 


Some Where Between Here and There (2008)

Comprised of images of Brooklyn, New York, Hamilton, Ontario and the roadways that connect these cities, somewhere between here and there is a rumination on places we call home.   >>More 



Requiem for Coney Island (2008)

A short meditation on the carnival rides (and ambiance) of the amusement park on Surf Avenue in Coney Island, when the park was in danger of being torn down. >>More 



‘You Can’t Get There From Here’ is a short experimental documentary and a kinetic scrapbook of being sixteen.  >>More 



Long Time Coming (2005)

Long Time Coming’ is comprised entirely of remixed audio and video from the last period of the 2004 Stanley Cup Final (Calgary vs. Tampa Bay).  >>More 



An abstract, visual charting of my body in motion over a 49-day period provides the context for an exploration of my relationship to movement and physicality.   >>More 



Three Trails (2001)

The video is an abstracted landscape, a painting in motion, created by strapping a camera on my back while I mountain bike.  >>More 



A short presentation of body works (digital images of bruises sustained through sporting activities) accompanied by the sounds of a hockey game.  >>More 


This videotape examines my (and my collaborator’s) relationship (as butch women) to purses.  >>More 



A short silent film about a faculty member who hatches an ingenious plan to achieve great fortune and potential notoriety.  >>More 



In an homage to late seventies teen angst, a butch (the artist) revels in her most compelling moment of identification, Matt Dillon’s first film, ‘Over the Edge.’   >>More 



Famous historical paintings are re-staged and made into narrative tableaux with unexpected (and gender-bending) results.  >>More 



A campy spoof on various traditions of erotic representations (from contemporary commercial porn to Warhol’s understated underground 16mm films), with special attention given to lesbian cliches such as wood nymph imagery and the ‘lesbian self-reflexive’ genre.  >>More 



An exploration of the intimate relationship soap opera viewers have to their ‘shows.  >>More 



This experimental narrative examines how science and the medical establishment have played a determinate role in establishing gender distinctions.  >>More 



The tape uses three nightmares about teeth as the basis for an exploration of anxiety, loss, transition, and reversions to infantile states of toothlessness.  >>More 



Juxtaposing official stories with a personal history, The Lard Tape examines one woman’s relationship to food and fat. .  >>More