Trail Blaze (2016-present)

A series of photographs utilizing an accidental archive: a collection of matchbooks collected from all over the world by a traveling salesman in the ’60s and ’70s.  >>More 


Constant (2008-present)

The particular landscape represented in this series of images is from a place I returned to, and photographed, for over a decade. I am interested in the process of sustained looking, particularly at something that is familiar, and what occurs through an accumulation of images. >>More 


dis/order (2013-2014)

Acting as an artist/analyst, I create portraits of people, couples, and families by ordering, and then photographing, the fragments of their lives they normally keep hidden in a junk drawer. >>More 





Berlin on My Lover’s Lips (2013)

Seven days. Seven neighborhoods in Berlin. Seven currywursts. Part performance documentation and part homage to Mel Bochner’s Number Drawings, this piece was created specifically for an on-line exhibition titled Enact.  >>More 


Circular Logic/Spirograph (2007-2011)

For over a decade I have been making abstract works out of everyday gestures and objects that resonate with me. This series of images represents an exploration of pattern-making through a favorite childhood activity, Spirograph.  >>More 



Comfort (2004-2006)

When I am seeking comfort, I gravitate towards structure (routine, pattern, familiarity, balance) and candy/sweets.  Intrigued by the contrast between these two ways of comforting myself, I conceived a series of images that would speak to this tension. >>More 


New Look Liberty (2002)

This digital montage was created after I discovered and purchased several “commemorative disaster postcards” in Chinatown (NYC) several months after 9/11. Adopting the language of fashion magazine taglines, the piece showcases accessories for a new world order.   >>More 



Bodyworks (1999-2002)

Large-scale ink jet prints of bruises and marks on my body obtained while playing hockey and mountain-biking. I am interested in transforming the meaning usually ascribed to bruises on women (woman as victim) and presenting these marks as heroic emblems of physical conquests. >>More 



Charmed I’m Sure (1993)

This photo installation explores a butch women’s relationship to the role of Prince Charming in fairy tales. The series contains six 16″ x 20″ black and white pinhole camera images which are displayed on a wall painted (in gold leaf) to resemble an ornate frame. >>More 



Looking Long and Hard (1992)

A series of black and white photographs of dildos and penis-shaped novelty items photographed in various historical styles: 17th Century Still-Life, Advertising/Product photography, High Modernist photography, Trick photography, and Structuralist photography. >>More 


Silent Treatments and Talking Cures (1991)

This photo and video installation attempts to articulate the precariousness of women’s relationship to language and represent the experience of feeling silenced/muted. Drawing on Surrealist photography and psychoanalysis, the piece explores the cultural production of “hysteria” and voicelessness. >>More