Circular Logic/Spirograph


This series is an exploration of a favorite childhood activity, Spirograph, for its pattern-making potential. When I was a child, Spirograph seemed both infinite and limited: infinite because there were an overwhelming number of design options and limited because I never knew what to do with the single design I created. Circular Logic/Spirograph represents an adult’s return to this childhood medium. Armed with a systematic approach, I expose the finite nature of Spirograph (by visually demonstrating how it utilizes mathematical variations) while building complex patterns from aggregate designs.


Circular Logic/Spirograph represents a continuation of my interest in bringing elements of popular culture, along with autobiographical content, into a highly aestheticised and abstract art practice, as well as in referencing and re-working high modernist art practices.  The patterns I create with the Spirograph (which are hand-drawn, scanned into the computer, and then arranged in Photoshop), in conjunction with the large scale of the prints, make this work reminiscent of Op Art.  My intention is to re-invest these visual approaches with cultural meanings that extend beyond the frame of abstraction.

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