New Look Liberty

Combining “commemorative disaster postcards” with the language of fashion magazines, this piece explores the zeitgeist of post-9/11 New York City. Sold in Chinatown alongside postcards of other tourist attractions in the Big Apple, the disaster postcards embody the post-9/11 American psyche. My re-framing of them as fashion trends is intended to playfully expose the perversity of the original.

This image was also included in “The Anthology or Art: Art and Theory in Dialogue,” an on-line exhibition and print publication undertaken by Jochan Gertz in 2001. From the website: “To launch the project, six artists and six theorists were invited by Jochen Gerz. Each of them made a contributions to the Anthology of Art : Artists chose one of their own images and theorists wrote a short text… all answering the question: “In the context of contemporary art, what is your vision of a yet unknown art?”

Each of the original twelve participants was asked to invite an artist or theorist of their choice to follow suit. Since September 2001, twelve different artists and theorists have made new contributions every other week. The website has been updated each time so that no more than twelve contributions appeared at any given time. Now this process is completed and a total of 312 independent verbal and visual contributions—156 images and 156 texts— have been collected. The Anthology of Art  is a plural artwork whose content and contributors were unpredictable. Do the self-curated process and the diversity of the contributions provide clues about the direction of an emerging form?”

New Look Liberty – Gallery

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