The body works are large-scale ink jet prints of bruises obtained while playing hockey and mountain-biking.  By printing them much larger than life-size and with an ink jet printer, the images become more abstract and other-worldly, though still recognizable as bruises. I am interested in transforming the meaning usually ascribed to bruises on women (woman as victim) and presenting these marks as heroic emblems of physical conquests.  Additionally, these works are intended to function in dialogue with the history of Body Art (i.e. Eleanor Antin, Vito Acconci, Chris Burden).

The second edition of Bodyworks (II) consists of large-scale digital prints of extreme close-ups of my body after various sporting activities (mountain-biking, soccer, softball).  In these works, I am interested in the way that my skin becomes the terrain of the physical experience and how the body is imprinted through the gesture of sports.  As in the earlier Bodyworks, the large scale of the images both transforms the body into abstracted landscapes (though in contrast to various traditions in painting and photography that present ‘woman as nature’ or ‘woman’s body as landscape’) and monumentalizes the mark inscribed by the physical activity.

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