For over a decade I have been making abstract works out of everyday gestures and objects (i.e. puck paintings, photos of candy compositions, Spirograph patterns) that resonate with me. Constant represents a continuation of my interest in bringing elements of the everyday, along with personal and autobiographical content, into an aestheticised and conceptual art practice, as well as in referencing and re-working various artistic traditions. The centering of the subject and the repetition (it is the same landscape, from the same vantage point, over and over again) align the series with the New Topographic movement and offer more commonplace, rather than sublime, renditions of nature.

The particular landscape represented in this series of images is from a place I have been returning to, and photographing, for over eight years. I am interested in the process of sustained looking, particularly at something that is familiar, and what occurs through an accumulation of images.  I am also intrigued by the tension between what changes in the scene (which is nearly everything) and what stays the same (the floating dock moored in the bay).  It is this dock, as well as my position on the shore, which remain constant.  The dock, ultimately, becomes a stand in for me, as well as the viewer. Unwavering and persistent, it weathers incessant change.

Constant – Gallery

Artist talk in conjunction with Liss Platt: a CONSTANT decade at McMaster Museum of Art
Interview with Liss Platt regarding Liss Platt: a CONSTANT decade at McMaster Museum of Art

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