Once More, With Feeling

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Shake-n-Make specializes in the mash-up of art and craft. Their work revisits home hobby crafts from the 1970s to address issues such as feminism, environmentalism, and self-sufficiency shared in common with our contemporary moment in which farm-to-table and craft brewing have become a part of the cultural zeitgeist. Linked by the use of modular design and labour-intensive production Once More, With Feeling brings together several large sculptural installations, including The Table Has Been SetDomestic Brew, and The Hand of Craft. These works use scale, repetition, and a willful sense of playfulness to challenge our assumptions around handicrafts while questioning what is appropriate as an art material. Shake-n-Make mine this tension between the domestic (the primary site of crafting) and the public (the world outside the home) to muddy the divide between high and low art and to question the values we place upon cultural production as labour.” – uwag

Once More, With Feeling – Gallery

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