Orby Animations


by Liss Platt
(2014), 3 animations, 29 minutes total run time, SD video
(2011), 16 minutes, SD video

ORBY is a image-gathering tool fashioned from readily available digital accessories – a surf camera and a GPS tracking device for hikers – that combines DIY ingenuity with a hobby scientist’s thirst for understanding of the natural world. In Orby: Mission Sackville, Orby was launched in the Waterfowl Park, Silver Lake, and the Tantramar River in Sackville, NB. In Technological Exploits, Orby traveled down the Exploits River in Grand Falls/Windsor, NL. In both exhibitions images taken by Orby were compiled into animations for public display.

Note: Orby animations are not intended for single channel viewing.

A gallery of images for Orby: Mission Sackville and Technological Exploits can be found on the Performance/Installation page of this website.